Found On Ebay: Orestes Destrade’s 1990 Japan Series Watch

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We usually just talk baseball here on Graveyard Baseball, but with the Lions playing so poorly and I don’t have the time to do an analysis post for another 2 weeks, I figured I’d chime in with this gem.

I simply just googled “Orestes Destrade Seibu Lions,” and this is what came up in an Ebay listing. It turns out, the link is more of just simple click bait and it’s actually Destrade’s wife’s watch that’s for sale but still, this is quite notable and subtly spectacular.

Think about it, the Lions gave Orestes’ wife a brand new, commemorative watch to celebrate her husband’s accomplishments in a year where Destrade won the Japan Series MVP and took home the NPB Home Run Crown.

It’s possible that this watch was owned by a player or became a special novelty item for fans. For all I know, this is something that’s done throughout NPB but until I get that confirmation, all credit to Yoshiaki Tsutsumi for this treasure.

Currently, the watch is going for $2,999.99 and comes with a special certificate that declares its authenticity. Unfortunately, I’m not one of those that has the coin to be buying this but for those Seibu Lions merchandise collectors out there, this is all you! I doubt this is something you’d wear, this is something that should probably be showcased in the living room as a conversation starter.

Here’s the link! It will stay up for sale for another 16 days.

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