Seibu Lions Unveil Emerald Alternate Uniforms for 2016

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The Saitama Seibu Lions revealed alternate uniforms for the summer of the 2016 season. These Emerald designed uniforms represent the area of two lakes. 

Lake Tama and Lake Sayama are on opposite sides of Seibu Dome. The jersey color resembles what is seen on both lakes. 


Here is an up close look at Lake Tama with Seibu Dome behind it.


The Lions will be wearing these uniforms for more than an entire month for all games starting July 18 against the Chiba Lotte Marines. This run will end on August 21 against the Marines at home. They will wear this uniform both home and away. 

There will be three days where this uniform will be a free giveaway for fans in attendance.

July 18 vs. Chiba Lotte MarinesAugust 14 vs. Orix BuffaloesAugust 20 vs. Chiba Lotte MarinesThe uniform has a similar color to how the sleeves looked for the Seibu Lions during the golden age of the 1980s and early 1990s. The only difference is how green takes the uniform with a red line on the sleeves instead. 

Here is a video of the unveiling below:

While right now this uniform doesn’t look bad, it could become redundant seeing they will have this uniform for 28 consecutive games. In addition, 12 ni-gun games at Seibu II will also feature these uniforms.

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