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Home Run Leaders – Week 19

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Welcome to This Week In Dingers! Here’s a look at your weekly leaders for home runs in NPB. The full chart of every home run this week in both leagues can be found below.


Yuki Yanagita
July 29th, 2016 at Sapporo Dome (135m / 443‘)

Situation: No outs in the 8th, no runners on base
Victim: Kohei Arihara

With the Hawks already up 4-2, Fighters coach Kuriyama took the risk of leaving the starting pitcher Arihara in the game. He would quickly realize this was a mistake. On a 1-1 count, Arihara appears to throw a changeup that didn’t do anything except go over the fence to centerfield. The Sapporo Dome can really make huge homeruns look small though. This homerun landed a few rows up in centerfield, which doesn’t seem impressive at first… but it was still 130m away from home. It’s angle of descent was quite steep at that point though, thus making the estimate around 135m.


Hotaka Yamakawa
July 31st, 2016 at Kyocera Dome (138m / 453‘)

Situation: No outs in the 2nd, runner on first
Victim: Daiki Tomei

Buffaloes entered the top of the 2nd with a 1-0 lead but Tomei allowed the leadoff runner to get on base for the Lions. Yamakawa stepped to the plate looking to pounce on the first pitch and he sure did get a good one to hit. Tomei wanted to jam Yamakawa inside with a fastball but he didn’t get it in enough. Yamakawa turns on it pretty much as hard as he could for a 2 run homerun. The ball landed right in front of the left field entrance way… in the upper deck. It’s a bit difficult to see the exact angle of descent when it lands but the angle from which it’s hit does tell me it was very likely pretty steep. Even so, it lands so high up that we admit it’s difficult to measure this homerun compared to others. Either way, it went far, and it would have gone even further, so 138m seems very plausible.


Hiromi Oka
July 27th, 2016 at Seibu Dome (139m / 456‘)

Situation: 2 outs in the 4th, no runners on base
Victim: Felipe Paulino

With the game tied 2-2 in the 4th, Paulino got behind in the count 3 to 1 to Hiromi – a good fastball count. Oka is strong but not really a homerun threat on paper. With that in mind, Paulino thought he could probably throw an easy 2 seam fastball over the outside corner. Good in theory, but it tailed back over the middle of the plate, and Oka didn’t miss it. This homerun landed at the BACK of the Seibu Dome where some vendors are located – which is at least 134m. Now you can see why the estimated spot for this homerun is at 139m. So let this be a lesson. Oka may be skinny but he can absolutely destroy a mistake. This homerun proves it.

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